Create unforgettable experiences for guests and visitors, with quality policies that allow to keep the infrastructure and the staff’s service predisposition in optimal conditions. We work with a high degree of personalization and innovation. We offer our services on the island of Tierra Bomba – Cartagena. In retribution, we support the conservation of their ecosystems, we generate decent employment, we provide training and support to the community to promote a top quality tourism model.


To be a benchmark business group, in Colombia and in the world, for its financial success and for being the pioneer of a green and inclusive culture for the island of Tierra Bomba. Raising the quality of tourism services and positioning the island as a destination of great value in Cartagena, Colombia.



We arrived at a place with mediocre exploitation and little or no commercial recognition, rather with a bad reputation among the few who were aware of its existence. We recognized in it, a huge potential for its location and its natural conditions, we realized that the negative image was a matter of disorganization, lack of education and abandonment. Aware of the shortcomings and the problems of the environment, we decided to implement community collaboration policies. We begin our process by educating with example. Including members of the community in the payroll and implementing collaborative models with active entities in the tourism business within the territory. We looked for a solid and sustainable growth, in which we built and improved inviting our neighbors to do the same, always in an indirect way. It was evident that tourists preferred to pay a little more and settle in a clean and esthetic place. To the same extent, we got involved in all the executive processes that the regulating entities within the community began, to seek more attention from the public organisms for the promotion of the tourist product and for the improvement of the quality of life of the inhabitants of the island. We started to establish an internal code of culture and business and to grow organically in the territory.

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Characteristics of the business model

Pilates economy (to grow with one’s own weight and leverage), esthetics, excellence service, training and employment. The root values ​​are sustainability, empowerment and inclusion.