Pre-weddings and Weddings in Tierra Bomba at Namasté

An unforgettable seal of love

Celebrating a beach wedding with us is easy, we have a full house rate that includes: lodging with round trip transportation, breakfast for 30 people, two days of access to the beach club and a package of furniture and basic decoration for the event (altars, centerpieces, torches, among others).



Our destination weddings include one night in a double room (Karex or Zen), round-trip boat transportation, welcome cocktail, and breakfast. Ceremony at our tree (temple of gratitude) or at our seaside arch, with boho decoration.

Dinner decoration and consumable voucher $140,000.


Symbolic Wedding: $4,096,595 COP Civil Wedding: $4,396,595 COP


  • Additional couple in accommodation for $1,085,500 COP. Includes: breakfast, round-trip boat transportation, and consumable voucher $140,000, welcome drink, decorated seat at the ceremony and dinner.
  • Additional person in day pass for $430,000 COP. Includes: round-trip boat transportation, $70,000 consumable voucher, welcome drink, decorated seat at the ceremony and dinner.

All about our beach weddings

For an additional cost, we can provide you with: DJ, make-up, music band, desserts, etc. We have a group of professionals with experience in logistics on the island.

As for dinner, we can work with a served dish or a buffet, but we recommend the buffet. With the breeze the food cools quickly and the dish served is a little more complicated.

Chef Namaste is excellent and with her we can do a test menu.

Furniture included in the package: large tables (3 m) for 10 or 12 people, chairs or benches with white cushions. We handle basic plates, linen cloth napkins. If you want something different, we collaborate with the assembly, but you must rent it and pay the boat freight to bring it to the site.

The included service is from 5 p.m. to 1 a.m. It can be extended by hiring overtime. The ceremony takes place around 5:45 p.m.