Who we are?

Namaste is the manifestation of a dream, a daily attempt to anchor heaven on earth. It is a sustainable project born out of the creators’ quest for healing. “One day I understood, integrated, felt that the secret to living in harmony, tranquility, balance, joy, and subtlety lay in aligning thoughts with feelings and expressions, what we call coherence and which is so challenging for us. This coherence is my foundation for living awake, for manifesting my truths and steering my path, for being healthy—mentally, physically, and emotionally—for being abundant, subtle, and happy. On the path I flowed to awaken, I learned to remain in the present and to constantly tune into the frequency of gratitude. Along this journey, I met subtle and loving beings who, with their medicines, songs, words, and actions, wove answers and a wonderful formula that allowed me to build the reality I breathe today. Among many things, I was able to give life to this space, this little piece of heaven on earth, where we resonate in a frequency of love, music, magic, and healing. Here, all religions, all beliefs, and worldviews are welcome. We don’t judge; we are convinced that we are all one and that it is a matter of time and dedication for everyone to understand and integrate it. We work to heal ancestral wounds and reclaim indigenous traditions, but also Eastern philosophies, meditation, yoga, sound therapies, massages, relaxation, and of course, prayer. The goal is to find a way to self-manage, to love ourselves, and to gratefully recognize life. Without an excess of future that fills us with anxiety, or a past that drowns us in remorse. Embrace the present and from there, build a coherent, balanced, and love-filled life. We invite you to visit us, to participate, to navigate, to play, to tune in for a while to this frequency. It’s worth it. 🙏” This is not a conventional hotel; it is a place full of magic where healing is possible. We have a daily schedule of activities, special events, ancestral medicines, a spa, sound baths, and of course, healthy parties and live music. Vegan and plant-based menu with animal protein available upon request.