We are a sustainable hotel

We are a sustainable hotel committed to the environment, seeking to protect and maintain the beautiful nature that surrounds us. In turn, we have a commitment to the community of Tierra Bomba. For this reason, we have several initiatives such as keeping our beaches free of plastic, building an eco-sustainable destination. We also contribute to the community through educational programs and job creation.

Zero waste policy

We are committed to minimizing waste generation in the daily operation of our hotel and beach clubs. For this reason, we have implemented various strategies, including the non-use of disposable items, the use of paper straws and biodegradable paper bags. In the same way, we reuse the materials of those non-returnable items that are indispensable for the operation of the hotel, and we use them to beautify our paradise and create art with a conscience. In turn, we use the organic waste to make compost that strengthens our plants and trees. We also consider it essential to create a green conscience among our personnel and visitors, which is why we maintain a constant effort to train and raise environmental awareness, and we actively participate in the beach cleanup activities carried out on the island. We faithfully believe in the possibility of building an environmentally responsible tourism that is in tune with its surroundings.

comunidad sostenibilidad en namaste

Growing with the community

Part of our mission is to work hand in hand with the island community and grow together with it. Therefore, more than 80% of our staff are natives of the island who work in different areas thanks to a basic training program that allows them to integrate in the best way to the tourist activity in our hotel. This is not only a training component, but also a space created from love and example, providing them with tools for their work and their own lives. For this academic area we establish alliances with SENA, to train them in the areas of their interest such as cooking, customer service, table and bar, bartending, etc. In addition, team building meetings and workshops are held periodically to keep our team motivated and maintain a constant learning environment. More than a work group, we are a family that works together to bring out the best side of this beautiful island that once was in the greatest abandonment, but today thanks to love and effort we have managed, together, to open it to Colombia and the world.

namaste sostenible arte con reciclaje

¡Celebramos 10 años de compromiso con la comunidad, el bienestar y el medio ambiente!